About The Mail Minx

Oh hey you. Grab a chair a mojito. Your hair looks amaze. And are those fresh brows? Love.

So, the feisty friend. We’ve all got one (or wish we did). The one who tells it like it is even if it stirs some drama, and you love it. Or maybe you don’t but you secretly do cos damnit she’s cool. Think Mean Girls, Blaire Waldorf from Gossip Girl, Samantha from Sex and the City, Lady Whistledown. All my absolute faves! 

The Mail Minx dishes out cards that do exactly that. Sharp, sassy, edgy, a little bitchy. Like your friend that actually says the damn thing. Not a trace of happy birthdays I’m so grateful for you cheesy nightmares, no best bloody wishes, no #youmeltmyheart or cutesy vibes.

I’ve been brewing this idea for a while now while doing my thing as a writer. And cos years ago I used to work in one of those very trendy stationery stores that had cutesy cards that had me screaming of boredom. And cos I’ve heard so many people say to me “That’s so funny what you’ve said, they should put that on a card.”

And so I have. I hope you enjoy some genuine entertaining LOLs. And the person you’re giving the card to? They’re gonna think damn you’ve nailed it!

Enjoy your cards!

Nikki x